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16 mars 2018

STUDIO ONE DUBPLATE #7 Brentford All Stars - The World Is A Ghetto

#SOULJAZZRECORDS - 13 MARS 2018#RECORDSSTOREDAY2018TRACKLIST1. Brentford All Stars – The World Is A GhettoDESCRIPTIONUNBELIEVABLE! The Brentford All Stars bring us this deep, deep hypnotic 70s reggae/disco cut - A wicked take on the Loft classic - WAR's THE WORLD IS A GHETTO! Definitely (...)

14 mars 2018

Mothers Garden (The Funky Sounds Of Female Africa 1975 - 1984)

#AFRICASEVEN - 18 MAI 2018TRACKLIST01. Letta Mbulu - Kilimandjaro Take Us Higher => LISTENWritten by Caiphus Semenya & Letta Mbulu.Produced by Caiphus Semenya.Published by Munjale Music BMI.02. Uta Bella - Enyin => LISTENWritten & Produced by Uta Bella.03. Mona Finnih - Ani Kewa Jo => (...)

14 mars 2018

Joe Bataan, Aftershower Funk / Fin

#SOULJAZZRECORDS - 9 MARS 2018TRACKLIST :1. Aftershower Funk => LISTEN2. Fin => LISTENDESCRIPTION :NEW EXCLUSIVE SUPER LTD. edition of 300 copies.KILLER, KILLER 100% Nu Yorican LATIN FUNK masterpiece just landed! Alongside 'Latin Strut' (also available on a ltd. edition 7") this is the toughest (...)

14 mars 2018

Cornell Campbell, Give The Little Man A Great Big Hand

#PRESSURESOUNDS - 2 MARS 2018TRACKLIST : Give The Little Man A Great Big Hand => LISTEN Version DESCRIPTION :Killer cut of William DeVaughn's classic soul hit. A master class in how to add a new edge to an established classic. Cornells sweet vocal enhanced by Strikers direction. Comes with a (...)

14 mars 2018

Devon Irons, Jerusalem

#PRESSURESOUNDS - 2 MARS 2018LISTEN FULL 45TTRACKLIST : Jerusalem – Devon Irons Jeruslaem Version DESCRIPTION :Produced by Tommy Cowan this is the original first version of the rhythm used by Althea and Donna for the 'Gone to Negril' tune. A different mix and much more of a straight roots (...)

14 mars 2018

Elaquent, Celebrate Life !

14 mars 2018

Seun Kuti & Egypt 80, Black Times

#STRUT - 2 MARS 2018TRACKLIST :1. Last Revolutionary 06:59 => LISTEN2. Black Times (feat. Carlos Santana) 09:30 => LISTEN3. Corporate Public Control Department (C.P.C.D.) 06:394. Kuku Kee Me 05:595. Bad Man Lighter (B.M.L.) 07:476. African Dreams 09:497. Struggle Sounds 07:058. Theory Of Goat (...)

14 mars 2018


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